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Who I'm I ?

I am Abdullah. I started my career in programming 3 years ago, during which I learned different programming languages and technologies and created websites using various tools and many other things. I aspire to be a great front-end and back-end developer and always aspire for the best.


Custom Websites

Custom programming (HTML, CSS...ect) is characterized by ease of use and speed of browsing, but it has the disadvantage of being difficult to modify by non-specialists.

WordPress Websites

WordPress is known by its wide popularity, so anyone with a little experience can modify it, but it might be a little slow.

Re-design Websites

If you already have a website and it needs to modify the design or change the identity using CSS, this is the ideal option.

Discover and fixing errors

If there is a problem that hinders the use of the site or an error in the design, you can contact me about it and I'll help you fix it.

Tools & technologies

  • Wordpress


  • HTML


  • CSS


  • JavaScript


  • Pugjs


  • Visual Studio Code

    Visual Studio Code

  • Photopea


  • Photopea


  • Photopea



Devices design

Rwad Alnma

Rwad Alnma is a website for a consulting office in the field of law and tax.

Devices design


Marfaa is a company specializing in the field of general contracting.

Devices design


SCS is an institution specializing in security systems.

Devices design

Alesayi Security

Alesayi Security systems is One of the leading companies in security solutions.

Devices design

Al-Naseem Ray

Al-Naseem Ray is a specialized center for vehicle maintenance.

Devices design

Kma kan

Kma Kan is a center specialized in vehicle repair and maintenance


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